sshd running on multiple ports and other things about ssh and nginx

There are some very simple tweeks to make ssh appear on many ports.

Method one, brute force the sshd to appear on more than one port,

Port 22
Port 443

restart sshd.

Connect to it using ssh -p 443

Remove protocols you don’t need. Pick something strong and stick with it.

As protocols become weaker because of stronger computational advances leaving weak protocols in place lowers the attack boundary.

While that doesn’t guarantee you get around a firewall or filter it might get you to where you need to get to.

Need to run SSH and SSL on the same computer, NGINX is the way forward, nicely documented here:

NGINX as a proxy is a great way to reduce web services. Some time ago I used it to protect a badly configured web server from exposing bad protocols like sslv3.0 and rc4 when both of those were crazy to run.

This was faster than having someone tidy up the actual server.

Author: ompaul

I'm happy enough to write this stuff.

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